Zakopane town


The Polish resort of Zakopane is a town full of history, charisma and charm, with ski jumping at its core. A long line of Olympic champions train here on their way to gold medals.

Zakopane is situated within the Carpathian mountains, a range longer than the Alps and second longest in Europe after only the Scandinavian mountains of Norway and Finland. The town is right on the border between Poland and Slovakia, in a towering part of the Capathians known as the Tatra mountain range where the highest peaks exceed 2,600 meters.

The Carpathians were formed some 50 million years ago, during the same geological upheavals that produced the Alps, and the surrounding ski areas offer the best variety of riding in Poland.

The unique and beautiful architecture of the town has to be seen to be believed. The fairytale style timber houses with their high pitched roofs are only found in this part of the world, a region of Goral culture of which Zakopane is the centre. No surprises then that the town is known and often referred to as “the Winter Capital of Poland”.


The cuisine and drink in Poland is exquisite and perfectly suited for those winter days on the mountain. Zakopane town itself is jam-packed with traditional taverns serving delicacies, alongside its own local culture which is rich in its unique styles of food, speech, design, music and costume.

If you’re feeling energetic after dinner from one of the many restaurants, taverns or take-outs, there’s plenty of nightlife in town in the form of pubs, craft-beer bars and lively night clubs for the after hours.


The raw beauty of the nature around Zakopane is embodied by the rich wildlife of the Carpathians; this includes the largest European populations of brown bears, wolves, chamois, and lynx.

  • Hot thermal water park and spa
  • Guided walk or snowshoe to “Eye of the Sea” high mountain lake
  • Poland’s largest snow maze and ice sculpture park
  • Snomads horse sleigh adventure
  • Snowmobile, ski tour and splitboarding tours
  • Explore the historic town center and bustling covered market 
  • The opportunity to explore Krakow on your final night
  • Excursion to Auschwitz or Wieliczka Salt Mine