Sofia International Airport is just over 2 hours drive from Bansko and Saturday RETURN TRANSFERS ARE INCLUDED in all stays! Once you’ve booked your stay in one of our chalets and sorted your flights make sure to add all your flight information in the Travel section of MyBooking. Then we’ll sort the rest, getting you to Bansko for a warm Snomads welcome!

We aim to get all our guests on a transfer within 90 minutes of their arrival. Our free Saturday transfers will be available for flights arriving between 11:00 am and 7:00 pm and on departure there will be a range of options between 2:00 am and 12:00 pm (midday). Private transfers outside these times are available but charged separately.

If some guests need to arrive on a day other than Saturday we can sort that out too, a charge will apply to non-Saturday transfers.

Besides Sofia International, Bansko is well served by a couple of other airports: Plovdiv & Thessaloniki. Though transfers from these are not included in your stay we can arrange private transfers at competitive prices, contact us for a direct quote. 

Kraków International, officially called John Paul II Kraków-Balice International Airport (after the city’s most famous former resident) is only around 2.5 hours from Zakopane. Our Poland stays do not include free airport transfers due to a variety of excellent and low-cost alternative options available. We have listed below the most convenient of these:

The lowest-priced option. Flixbus run a service direct from Krakow airport to Zakopane which we recommend you pre-book online. Flixbus picks up directly outside the terminal, walk out the main exit under the footbridge and turn right, the stop will be ahead of you. Prices from 45PLN/£8 when booked in advance. Once you arrive in Zakopane we’ll be on hand to pick you up and shuttle you to your chalet.

One of the most flexible and efficient ways of getting to the resort. To get from the airport to Kraków Central Bus Station we recommend using a taxi app: Uber or Bolt, around 45 PLN/£8. Walk out the main exit of the terminal and cross the first road. Cross beneath the footbridge running above the road. Wait on the paved area between the first road and the second road, which is about halfway underneath the bridge above you. Cars enter the airport grounds from the left side of the airport terminal as you exit, so chances are, your driver will pull up on that side. 

From the central bus station, both Szwagropol and Majer Bus are popular buses on the Kraków-Zakopane route. Between them, buses are available every hour or less, from 6 am to 9 pm. A one-way ticket for an adult costs around 19 PLN/£5 and you can pay by card or cash at the station prior to boarding. There is no need to prebook though we would recommend doing so. Once you arrive in Zakopane we’ll be on hand to pick you up and shuttle you to your chalet.

No sharing with others, no waiting at the airport and a direct door-to-door service, with no additional stops en route. Or perfect for larger groups wanting to travel together.
Krakow Direct offer affordable private, modern, comfortable vehicles with friendly English-speaking drivers. With prices starting from 500 PLN/£90 per car.
For private transfers the destination address for both our chalets is: Snomads Chalet Stardust, Balzera 23, 34-500 Zakopane.

We understand flying is probably the quickest way to get to us and we now offset guest stays including their return flights, but there are alternatives. Flying simply isn’t the best thing for the environment, and while offsetting helps, reducing emissions in the first place would be better for everyone. With this in mind we wanted to offer an incentive for less damaging alternative travel methods to reach us, whether that’s a leisurely train with stunning views, or a comfortable friendly coach. No more scrambles to get off the plane, or strict bag weight limits to worry about. Plus, we’ll give you a generous up to 40% off your Bansko stay if you avoid any time in the air for your entire journey to us (journey minimum 1000 miles & evidence of travel required). So, if you’re keen we’ve listed some ideas below:  

The website is a good place to start with advice on getting a train anywhere in the world.
To get to Sofia from London there are two main routes; via Brussels and Frankfurt or via Paris and Munich.

Not for the faint hearted, it’s a couple of days from the UK, but you could turn it into an adventure across Europe with stops en route. Once in resort there’s plenty of free parking outside all our chalets.

As the UK is no longer in the European Union, British passport holders (and other non-EU passport holders) are treated as “third country nationals” with stipulations about passport issue and expiry dates. You will be denied entry to any EU country and so need to renew your passport if either:

  • Your passport is 10 years old or more on the day you enter the EU country – count this from the ‘date of issue’ on your passport. The date of expiry is irrelevant. UK Passports issued after 1 October 2018 are only valid for 10 years but for passports issued before 1 October 2018, extra months may have been added if you renewed a passport early.
  • There is less than 3 months left on your passport after your return date.