freeride Skitour & Splitboard Camps

For those looking past the piste… 

5 reasons to choose a Snomads ski tour/split board camp

  1. Great value experiences!
  2. Big snow in interesting destinations!
  3. Enjoy the mountains with less impact on the environment!
  4. Interesting cuisine & culture!
  5. ­Only expert local guides used!


Zakopane, Poland

Exploring the vast Tatra mountains is an experience that won’t be forgotten.

If you want to see what this historic ski town and wild mountain scape has to offer then this adventure in the Polish backcountry is for you. 

On this adventure you’ll explore the tallest peaks on the mountainous Polish-Slovakian border. A mix of beautiful slopes and fresh pine forests await.

Whether it’s your first time ski touring or split boarding or you’re a seasoned pro we’ll happily adjust the expedition to your needs.


Bansko, Bulgaria

Ever wondered what Bansko looks like from a different viewpoint in the Pirin mountians? 

Whether you’re wanting a day exploring the backcountry or a 6 day, multi range tour, including ascending Mt Musala (the highest peak in the Balkans) we’ve got you covered.

Once again we’re bringing you a tour that can be highly tailored to any ability or fitness levels making sure you get the most out of your holiday. 

Sail & Ski Adventure

Arctic Norway  

Can you imagine sailing, skiing and gazing at the northern lights?

This is a reality with our newest winter adventure. The destination being the majestic landscapes of the Lyngen Peninsula above the Arctic Circle in Norway.

Unparalleled access to snow-covered peaks of the fjords, reaching heights of up to 1800m, straight from the sea.

While renowned ski tour destinations in Europe can be bustling, Norway offers a serene and untouched experience.