what is a snomad?

our story

Way back in the Winter of 2009 Ieuan, Ewan and Maks met in St. Anton, Austria. There to ski for a season whilst working for a large tour operator, they could not have imagined the adventure they would have over the following years. Multiple ski trips every winter became the norm as the trio, along with other friends, explored more and more European ski resorts. It was clear to see that this wasn’t enough and the idea of creating something special in the mountains became the aspiration.

why snomads

Having skied and snowboarded for years, the trio wanted to create an alternative to the usual chalet experience. Tired of ridiculously high prices, partly baked frozen bread, poor food and tasteless wine, tour operators were more concerned about their profit margin than what they were offering guests. The Snomads team wanted to create a chalet holiday for riders, by riders. Knowing there was more to a winter holiday than just the powder, the aim was to create an environment where guests could explore their other passions of adventure along with real cooking. 


We found Bansko in 2012. A resort on par with all the thrill and excitement of the bigger and better known European ski destinations, but at a fraction of the price. With exciting ingredients and local producers, there was a mountain range that offered more through both Winter and Summer. And so, with the location sorted we quickly found a base, and now you can join us, in Bulgaria and Poland…