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What & Where to eat in Bansko

As you may have gathered, food is something we’re extremely passionate about, with that in mind we’ve decided to share a list of some of our favourite options that Bansko has to offer. Whether you’re staying with us in our catered or B&B chalets, getting out and tasting some of the local dishes is a must during your holiday with us.

Within Bansko you’ll find a range of ‘Mehana’ which simply translates to tavern. This typically refers to a traditional restaurant where you’re likely to find local Bulgarian dishes. The food found here is often fresh, very hearty and made based on age old recipes that have been passed down generationally. 

When eating out prices can vary although you’ll be pleased to find that on average meals are cheaper than in other European countries with dinner for 2 ranging from 20lev (£9) for a simple feed up to 200lev (£88) for a Michelin star style experience.

Be aware card machines are often ‘broken’ so it’s always worth having enough cash on you to buy the meal and leave a tip.

Foods to try before leaving Bansko

This is a list that could go on and on so we’ll try and keep it short.

Banista – A traditional pastry that will fix any hangover and is great for breakfast paired with ayran (a yoghurt drink).

Shopska salad – This is a classic salad that you’ll find everywhere and is must as the ingredients are always nice and fresh. Made from cucumber, tomato and white cheese it uses local ingredients that are rumoured to have been combined to combine the colours of the Bulgarian flag.

Bobchorba – Another national dish and translates as a bean soup, 💯 vegan and not to be missed, great with some homemade garlic bread 

Pork knuckle – A real beauty, slow cooked for hours and will simply fall off the bone

Sach – This dish usually consist of a variety of meats and vegetables or only vegetables and is cooked and served on a sizzling hot plate, a real showstopper

Chicken in cornflakes – Sounds unusual but a home made chicken nugget covered in corn flakes with a yogurt dip on the side, what’s not to like

Kapama – Cooked in a clay pot and made up of sauerkraut, rice and a variety of meats, it’s traditionally a Bansko dish and is a must

Kavarma – Another usually cooked in a smaller clay pot, this time with vegetables and with whichever meat is most local and seasonal.

Lutenitsa – Local tomato based chutney sauce which goes unbelievably well with cheesy chips or sauté potatoes. The real ketchup of the Balkans.

For more ideas just give us a shout or check out a guide written by A Social Nomad.

Eating out in Bansko

Finding the right place to find some of the above can be hard as Bansko is packed with places to eat out. This is why we’ve created  a short list of some of our favourite places to dine.

Mehana Obetsanova – An 18th-century tavern where sheepskins cover the hand-carved chairs and waistcoated waiters glide around the room. Take your pick from a menu that champions meaty mains, such as braised lamb shanks, wild bore in plum sauce, barbecued pork and slow-cooked veal. They can even collect you from the chalet and drop you back after you’ve eaten.

Secret Snomads Experience – Some things are best kept a secret and you’ll have to ask your Snomads host on arrival about this one. After nearly a decade of exploring this is our number one spot in Bansko and if possible shouldn’t be missed. We get our old Soviet 4×4 UAZ truck fired up and drive you up the snow covered dirt road to a serene reservoir set in the foothills of the Pirin mountains, this is a set meal evening to die for.  Truly a unique setting and the freshest fish you’ll eat in Bansko which stands out among the classics on offer, washed down with homemade wine and rakia – Bliss.

The House – This is a truly unique traditional timber log house which has to be seen to be believed. It’s easy to miss but well worth a visit. Some of the best and freshest home made food with a delicious Bulgarian menu.

Red Hot – Another fun, family run restaurant with a great atmosphere, serving local and fresh food on the main Bankso strip very close to the gondola. Well worth trying the house wine with whatever you decide to order. Like Mehana Obetsanova we can arrange complimentary pick up from the chalets.

Dedo Yonkata – This is one of the oldest mehana in Bansko and is based on the beautiful and lively Pirin street. Very traditional menu and atmosphere with some unique Bansko dishes that you won’t find in many other places

CHAO by Local Stay – The new 100% authentic Vietnamese and Asian food restaurant, located in the heart of Pirin Mountain at Local Stay resort. The new kid on the block offering world cuisine in Bulgaria s premium ski resort.

Bansko Mehana

Take away in Bansko

If you’re not staying in our catered Chalet Prince, It’s sometimes quite difficult to take yourself back out after a long day skiing, luckily across all our Bulgarian bed and breakfast chalets we have a traditional and seasonal meal set cooked to order for a small extra cost, delicious and seasonal produce with both meat, vegetarian and 100% plant based options available.

If you’re feeling like something different to Bulgarian then options have increased a lot in recent years and the Snomads team can be on hand to help with deliveries.

below you’ll find a list of some options that cover a variety of cuisines.

Happy Food – Apres and burger bar

Suvorov – Interesting Russian/Eastern european menu

Punjab da Sher – Bulgaria’s first native run Indian Restaurant specialising in Punjab cuisine

Street food bar Groshe – Situated a few minutes stroll from the chalets, top street food including vegan pizzas

House of Fries – The name gives it away, burgers and chips and all things bad for you

Succuk – Another doing burgers that aren’t to be missed

Momini Dvori – Traditional/European

Groshe Street Food Bar

Ski Chalet menu

Within our chalets, our menu has always been heavily influenced by the quality local ingredients and the regional food that we’ve enjoyed in many of the places listed above. To find out more about how this has influenced us and the type of food we offer across our chalets feel free to have a quick look here.

Snomads UAZ Bus

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