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Skiing on a budget – 10 tips to save money on your ski trips!

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Skiing holidays can appear to be a huge drain on the budget. Especially if you don’t keep track of how you’re spending your money. Some people might be missing out on wonderful experiences because they are worried about their budget. That’s why we’re sharing our experience and giving you our best tips on how to enjoy a ski holiday on a tighter budget. No spoilers, but you should look up catered ski chalets for groups!

Our Top 10 Tips for saving money on your ski holiday

1. Bring back the pack lunch

Very simple but very effective, it takes minutes to make or our chalet staff can do it for you. Whilst food on the mountain can be expensive this is a great way to skip queues and avoid relying on expensive mount chips to keep that friend of yours from turning into a hangry dragon. Whilst you’re at it, take water with you, not the biggest expense but will save you money and time throughout the week.

2. Take advantage of the duty free shops at the airport

What’s a holiday without a bottle of bubbly or a nice gin and tonic? Whilst passing through duty-free in the airport take advantage of the offers and pick up a couple of bottles to save valuable time and money in resort. Alcohol in the duty-free shops is much cheaper than what you can get at the resort. So best stock up beforehand. Unless you’re a guest at one of our ski chalets.

Town Shopping

3. Keep track of your spendind with a pre-paid card

Bit of a boring one but using prepaid cards enable you to keep a track of spending through easy to use apps giving you real-time spending updates. These cards are also often free to use abroad helping you skip dodgy transaction or withdrawal fees. Even more boring, monitor exchange rates before you travel and order your currency when the price is at its best. Might take a little time but you’ll be grateful when enjoying a meal on the stock market.

4. Ask the staff for advice

Chalet staff often know the best and cheapest places to go so take advantage of them. We’re always more than happy to show off local and traditional venues that are more orthentic and cheaper than the more well-known.

5. Ski the piest in the East

This ones simple, whilst not so well known Eastern europe has some great options for skiing for all levels but at a fraction of the price of an alpine holiday. Not only do you save when booking a chalet holiday but you also benefit from prices in resort and up the mountains being considerably lower.

6. Travel as a group

Whilst it’s often difficult to organise a large group we’re here to help and with group discounts available having friends can often be of benefit.

7. Go vintage

Needing to buy trouser and a jacket just for a weeks holiday? No need, we have you covered with our collection of vintage onesies. Not only will you save money but also look good and be warm whilst you’re at it. Whilst it is important to buy some equipment our chalets do also have a range of gear for those of you that will inevitably forget.

8. Pre-book multi day ski passes

Again, sounds like a simple one but pre-booking ski passes can often save you money and hassle. Most resorts will offer a multi-day discount so if you intend on skiing the week get your 6 day passes pre-booked.

9. Drink smart

Happy hour certainly doesn’t appeal to all if skiing until the last lift is your goal but if it’s a drink you want saving money during happy hour just makes sense. If you want to take it a step further simply head to a corner store, pick yourself up a beer for half the price and enjoy outside the bar hopefully in the sun.

10. Enjoy

Now that you’ve saved all that time and money there’s no chance you won’t enjoy yourselves but for more tips and tricks we’re here for you.

Conclusion Book a chalet holiday!

Whilst booking a chalet holiday may initially appear to be the more expensive option we’re actually here to save you money. At Snomads, we offer a return airport transfer regardless of the time, meaning you not only don’t need to deal with the hassle of getting everyone to the chalet but also save money whilst doing so. We also offer a comprehensive breakfast, unlimited tea and coffee, locally sourced 3-course evening meals on 6 nights as well as unlimited wine and beer whilst you eat. This again not only makes your life easier but will also save you money across the week.